XI. August 2018 - Goldsteig Fan Shop opens

Our new Goldsteig Ultrarace Fanshop is now open. We have put together a small collection for you and your helpers. You will find the shop here: GOLDSTEIG ULTRARACE FANSHOP

X. August 2018 - Aidstations & Cut-Off Times

The table shows the Aid Stations, the number of kilometers runned and the cut-off time a runner must have left the station.

The cut-off time also applies if a runner does not use the station.


The Dropbag GÜTENLAND and PASSAU are the same bag. Likewise with the dropbag SEEBACHSCHLEIFE and ST. ENGLMAR. All bags will be on Saturday, sep. 22th at the latest to the award ceremony ready to pick up.



IX. August 2018 - Dropbags & Aidstations

During the event, only our dropbags will be transported to the Aidstations NEUNBURG (166 k) - SEEBACHSCHLEIFE  (320k) - PASSAU (420k) - ST. ENGLMAR (520k).


( 166k + 420k) and (320k + 520k) are the same Bags. So, a maximum of 2 dropbags per runner is possible. For the 166k runners is one bag possible, which is provided at km 80 (LEUCHTENBERG)


The bags have a length of 62 cm and a height of 30 cm. All items must be stored in the bag for transportation.


Each dropbag bag costs 20 € and will be issued and payed upon registration in MARKTREDWITZ.


Of course, the suitcases (travel bags) of the participants will also be transported (for free) from MARKTREDWITZ to the Finish in NEUNBURG.

Please order your dropbags at: info@meldelaeufer.de 


Please also remember to book your Aidstations, so far only a few have done - We have to make the bookings at the stations, so that we can use the stations during the race.


VIII. July 2018 - New tracks online

Today we have put the new gps tracks online. Previously, there were 34 sections for the long distance - now there are only 6. Also, the gps tracks drawn more accurately than before. In the near future we will put online this year's supply centers and the corresponding pre-bookings. We wish you the best preparation for the Goldsteig Ultrarace


You will find the new tracks here:



VII. March 2018 - The Ultimate Challenge

Also this year there will be the "Ultimate Challenge" again.



This "online event" is about trying in the month of march on 31 days the Goldsteig distance by walking, hiking, running. You can run where ever you want. Every kilometer, every mile counts.


The respective weekly results will be made available at the end of a calendar week on the website www.meldelaeufer.de


For motivation, you will get a great T-shirt and a facebook group to be invited.


For the Goldsteig Ultrarace runners, we think it's a good start to training. To master the 661 kilometers is on average every day to run a half marathon. Even a day off does not make the task any easier, as time goes on.


And it should it not possible to run within a month what you want to run in 8 days? Give it a try and master THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!

VI. Goldsteig Ultrarace Finisher Jackets

We were asked again and again, if we would make a finisher jacket for such a special run, to master such a track is quite a milestone in every runner's career. And yes, we have decided to offer something exquisite. The IRIDIUM HOODIE by MONTANE.


The embroidery takes place on the front in the high-quality stick with logo and finisher emblem. The back of the jacket is free and offers space for the presentation of sponsors. The finisher emblem can also be added later. You can also order your hoodie as a motivator.


The IRIDIUM HOODIE by MONTANE is a lightweight stretch technical alpine hooded fleece with a ceramic print on the exterior to increase durability. Designed for fast mountain assaults to be worn either on its own or as a layering piece under a hard shell or a softshell jacket. Colour: antarctic blue - Weight: 388g


The delivery of the jacket can take up to 9 weeks after receipt of payment, as the jackets are ordered and embroidered individually.

The price includes taxes, excl. Shipping.


link to shop-item: MY GOLDSTEIG JACKET

V. Working on new gpx tracks 

This year we will revise all gpx tracks for the Goldsteig Ultrarace. This means that the route will be captured even more accurately and the latest route changes will be included.


Some sections, in particular from Passau, can also be run for us, so that in 2018 we will have to run about 50km more Goldsteig. (660 km instead of 612 km, as in 2016/17)


Overall, we'll put the tracks more together, so there are fewer tracks to download. We hope that this simplification appeals to everyone!


The new gpx tracks will be available for download no later than june of this year. Until then, the old tracks remain in the category gps files.


The first new track we will provide is the diversion of the National Park "Bayerischer Wald". Which can be downloaded at outdooractive.com (see right column).


As the years before, we are not allowed to follow the original Goldsteig hikingway through the core of the National Park. Due to that, we created a diversion for the part "Bayerisch Eisenstein to Mauth"


From the village of "Mauth" the runners will follow the marked hikingway "Goldsteig" again.

IV. Tipps and Hints for the race



We have summer, yes - but it`s late summer - so please expect not more than 25° Celsius at day times. And please have in mind that the nights can be cold (down to 0° Celsius in the mountain areas).



Go light weight - not more than 8 kilos including food and water. Every gramm you carry will cost energy. And its a long way to go. 

Take a good Rain Jacket with you. We hope that you not need it. But when we face rain on a race day, it can be worst. 2014 we had 2 days of rain and during this time a massive drop-out of runners because they did not expect so much rain and coldness after the rain.



Look at your feet. Look at your feet Look at your feet.

Most of the drop-outs we have during the race is sore feet and inflamed tendons. A good thing is to have some waterproof socks in your pack. In the morinings the ground and the grass is often wet. Wet feet are one of the reasons for sore feet. You have no waterproof socks? No problem - We sell SealSkinz Socks before the start. I have also made best experience with toe socks.



Using tapes will prevent you from much pain. I use Kinesio Tape for my back and shoulders. I also use it for my Achilles tendon and later at long distance race also as a protection for my feet



It`s all about energy. Eat and drink often. Eat real food - do not eat to much crap, like chocolate bars and sweets. Sandwiches, meat and fruits are the better way to go 661km. You will have a lot of possibilties to buy food on the course - but sunday and at specially at  night times it`s nearly impossible to get anything. Plan your night times carefully



We have some streams and Fountains along the course. But it`s not often drinkable. Water cleaning pills are very usefull and will help you to refill your water. Think also about salt and minerals. Take salt and minerals regularly from the beginning of the race.



Take an extra battery pack with you for emergency. Take care that your mobile phone can be charged at every time. It`s also important to have enough batteries for the head torches. The nights in the bavarian forests can be very dark. Some runners said after the race: they nver runned through such dark forests. 


GPS Device

Practise with your gps device. Please practise with your gps device. We can`t help you to solve problems with your device when your tracks are not ready or you did not find them on your device. we can`t solve the problme if you have no german map on your screen or if you did not find the right button for an applikation you like to use. Don`t forget your charger !!! And don`t forget your charger in the check point. It`s a good idea to have an additional charger in each of your dropbags. You can charge energy at any aid station.


Plan with less comfort

8 days - 192 hours for 661km - sounds like a lot of time. But that is not true. Time is ticking down no matter what you are doing. Try to go with less sleep, and when you sleep don`t do it longer as 4 hours. We made the experience that the body starts to recover in another way after 4 hours, it`s better to plan with a "keep going strategy"


Never give up

661km to run - that means you will run a whole day and after 24 hours you have more than 500 km to go. Don`t think about that. Keep going, don`t count miles or kilometers - enjoy your time on the course and be prepared for all the things mother nature or the race time throws against you. Please note to make it to the finish line 661km you have to leave PASSAU latest THURSDAY NOON

III. Hotel Meister BÄR - Meeting point again in 2018

In september 2017 the Goldsteig Ultrarace will start again in MARKTREDWITZ. The pictures below is showing the 4 Star Hotel where the briefing at the day before and the start is located. The Hotel is also the meeting point for the check of the obligatory equipment at the day we start the race.

The Hotel is near the central railway station. It`s just across the street, you can`t miss it. 


You find the Hotel in the internet here: Hotel Meister Bär

II. Exploration Goldsteig (Pics from 2015)

We did some exploration on the Goldsteig hikingway in 2015. We runned nearly 130 km with 4.500 meters of climbing. It is really an amazing area. All the pictures below are from the area from km 240  to 370 of the race. It takes us 21 hours on two days. You think it is slow? We guess this part will take up to 36 hours for most of the runners without sleep. (Aidstation HERZOGAU to Aidstation PHILLIPSREUT)

I. Report MONTANE Goldsteig Ultrarace 2014

The spanish runners from 2014 had a filmteam joining them during the race. They produced a very impressive report about the Goldsteig Ultrarace. Many thanks for that work. English subtitles can be enabled.